Basata Camp Taba

Basata Camp Taba


Welcome to Basata, the first Eco-lodge in Egypt.

Basata is the first unique eco-lodge built in Egypt in 1986. The resort is located in South Sinai between Taba and Nuweiba, possessing one of best five beaches in the world. Basata means “simplicity” in Arabic, which personifies the philosophy behind this environmentally conscious tourist project .

Basata offers a serene escape from the concrete city life and the pressures of modern living.  TV’s, blaring radios, and air-conditioning are not a part of the Basata way of life. However, snorkelling at sunrise, interacting with the eclectic clientele, and admiring the moonrise or star gazing are.

Basata is the dream and passion of Sherif El Ghamrawy, an Egyptian engineer from Cairo.  Sherif and his German wife Maria, with the help of their two children, Sohaila and Faris, and a dedicated friendly staff, have managed to create harmony between people, the environment and tourism. This translates into an environmentally conscious process that, conserves water, recycles, and reduces waste to a minimum.  Thus, travellers who come to Basata enjoy the natural environment in a simple and ecologically-friendly atmosphere.  Every aspect of life in Basata takes into account Sinai’s delicate landscape.  As Sherif explains, “This is such a fragile environment. It’s only a few meters from the coral to the beach to the mountains and I have tried to set up this place with as little environmental impact as possible.”  For the visitor, this means that one can walk on the pristine white sand without stepping on cigarette butts, swim in the turquoise waters above a coral reef teeming with marine life and free from refuse, or climb the jagged red mountains without seeing trash heaps along the way.

As a Basata visitor, you are immediately integrated into this simple lifestyle.  Accommodations are comfortable bamboo huts on the beach, mud brick chalets or your own tent.  The days are determined at your leisure and may include snorkelling, a Bedouin safari, hiking, a pre-dinner game of volleyball or unadulterated relaxation.  You can prepare your own meals in our fully stocked kitchen. We also try to grow some fruits and vegetables on our own farm.  You are also invited to enjoy our fresh baked breads and pizzas.  Dinner is a candlelit communal affair, with all the guests gathered together on cushions around low tables feasting on fresh fish, salads and stuffed vegetables.

An integral part of the Basata experience is the use of tourism as a cultural exchange. First and foremost, the absence of television, video games, cell phones and computers allows our guests to cultivate friendships and engage in conversation. After dinner, while reclining on cushions and sipping mint tea, conversations are conducted in every language imaginable. Lifelong friendships are formed and promises to meet again in Basata are made.

Basata is an extraordinary place that offers a very unique way to experience Egypt.  Every year, we welcome back familiar faces who feel the need to return to the beauty, camaraderie and simplicity that is Basata.  We invite you to join us.

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